Types of Smoke Damage and How to Remove Them

Smoke damage from even the smallest fire leaves traces of things you do not want in your home. If you want, smoke damage restoration services can manage all of the facets of smoke damage. Otherwise, you could do some of the work yourself, but you should be aware of all of the facets of smoke damage first. 

Smoke Stains

Smoke stains are the obvious part of smoke damage. These stains can be removed and scrubbed from the wall with a little degreaser and commercial smoke stain remover. While your walls may look great just after cleaning and removing the stains, there is much more going on here. 

Smoke Smells

A house fire burns through wood, paint, drywall, plaster, wires, and insulation. All of those burning materials leave behind some really awful smells, many of which never really leave the rest of the home. Try as you might, you cannot remove those smoke and burning smells entirely with any over-the-counter household cleaning products. However, professionals have a few tricks for getting rid of most of the odors.


This is the facet of smoke damage of which most homeowners are unaware. (Most homeowners do not have the knowledge or the skills to remove the toxins, either.) Many building materials, such as plaster, drywall, and insulation, produce air-born toxic particles. These air-born toxic particles can be inhaled, and many of them cause major health concerns later on. Restoration experts know how to neutralize these toxins and then remove them with a lot of the damaged materials to reduce the release of more toxic particles into the air and onto surfaces. 

Completely Destroyed Materials

Where there is smoke, there is almost always fire. Where there is fire, there is destruction. If you have smoke damage, you more than likely had a fire. You have to carefully remove all of the parts of the home that have been completely destroyed by the fire. If you are not sure what to remove, or what is safe to remove without the rest of your home falling down around you, get help from a fire restoration company. 

Water Damage

If you were fortunate enough to get fire and rescue out to save most of your home, there will still be water damage from putting out the fire. Water damage soaks materials, mixes with ash and smoke, and makes quite the mess. All of the water damaged areas must be removed too to prevent mold and mildew.