What's To Be Done About Fire Damage?

Even a small kitchen or living room fire can make a smelly, unsightly problem which needs solving. You might have tried air fresheners to clear the air or attempted some soap and water cleaning on the soot without success. Before worrying that your kitchen or living room will always have fire damage, what soot and smell elimination tasks could be tried?

1-Using Vinegar

Vinegar can often attack the smell of smoke that attacks your nose whenever you're in the area. Filling a pan with vinegar and letting it simmer can help the vinegar smell to enter the air; vinegar's strong and natural odor will overtake the scent of smoke and should fade within days.

Another way vinegar can help is when laundering curtains, tablecloths and other fabrics. One reason the scent of smoke seems to linger is that the small smoke molecules get into fabrics and remain. Therefore, if you can add some vinegar when you wash those items, you'll discover that when the cycle is complete, the fabrics smell like vinegar. Again, that smell will rinse out and fade. If you have a carpet "shampoo" machine, you can add vinegar to the machine and go over your upholstered furniture and deep clean the carpet as well. By using vinegar on all these surfaces, smoke shouldn't be as noticeable.

2-Getting TSP

Soot can be irritating to attempt to clean; working your way over it with a sponge, you may only be smearing it all over the place and making stains larger. Luckily, one substance which will prevent you from scrubbing soot endlessly without any difference is TSP, an abbreviation for a compound called tri-sodium phosphate. Mixed with water, TSP will cut through the oily soot to finally clean the area. Remember to wear gloves when working with a water/TSP solution so that soot doesn't get all over your hands. Vinegar could also be effective against soot, as might borax.

3-Using Baking Soda

To absorb strong, overwhelming smoke odors, you might also use baking soda around the area. In addition to vinegar, baking soda's natural absorbent qualities could diminish any odors. Rather than relying on one box, you should pick up a few boxes and empty them into bowls that you can place around the space.

Fire damage may seem to slowly disappear when using these methods. If the damage remains and seems impossible to erase, discuss the area with fire damage repair and restoration contractors.