Signs Of Foundation Problems And When You Need Foundation Repair

One of the most important features of your home is the foundation. It is essential for keeping you and your home safe. If there is a problem with the foundation, even small cracking, it will get worse and can create a wide range of other problems throughout the entire house. Although small cracks in the foundation may be cosmetic, getting them repaired is the first line of defense when it comes to foundation repair. If left alone, small cracks can and will become big cracks, which can lead to walls buckling, floors sloping and even the collapse of your home. If you notice any signs of distress, it is essential that you have repairs done as soon as possible.

Signs of Foundation Problems

Movement and settlement are common causes of foundation damages. Although all foundations settle over time, the problems typically occur when the settlement is uneven or extreme. When the foundation shifts or settles unevenly, one of the first signs of a problem is visible cracks in the foundation. Other signs of a problem with the foundation may include:

  • Separation around doors, windows or the garage
  • Uneven and/or cracked floors
  • Cracks in the interior and/or exterior walls
  • Windows and doors that don't open or close properly
  • Gaps between the walls and ceiling or the walls and the floor
  • Displaced and/or cracked ceiling moldings

How is Foundation Repaired?

If the problem with the foundation is interfering with the stabilization of your home, the underlying problem needs repaired-not just cosmetic touch-ups for the warning signs.  It is important to remember that in most situations, a shifting or sinking concrete foundation can be repaired. Unfortunately, it is common for homeowners to assume that problems with the foundation are beyond repair, when in fact there are several foundation repair options available. The type of  repair depends on the problem, usually it's whether the foundation is moving or sinking; however, two of the most common methods to repair a foundation that is sinking or moving is slabjacking and piering.

  • The slabjacking method consists of pumping grout under the slab, which helps to create a lifting force in order to restore the slab back to the original elevation. This method is often used when the foundation is sinking.
  • The piering method involves inserting steel posts into the soil and then hydraulic jacks are used to raise and stabilize the foundation. This method is typically used when the foundation has shifted as a result of changes of in the underlying soil.

Whether you have noticed cracks in the foundation or you can visibly see that your home has sunk a few inches, foundation repair is not a DIY project. This type of repair requires a contractor that is familiar with concrete foundations. A contractor will be able to determine the severity of the foundation problem and the primary cause as well as safely restore and repair the foundation.

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