Clean The Inside And Outside Of Your Big Rig's Trailer

If you use your tractor trailer to haul large loads of vegetables, routine cleaning of the interior storage chamber will eliminate odors and moisture that could damage products that are being transported. During a time that you won't be driving your rig and the trailer is empty, clean the flooring, ceiling, and interior walls of the trailer with the steps that follow. Clean, rinse, and wax the trailer's exterior to provide your rig with a shiny and well-manicured appearance.

You Need

  • wide-angled broom
  • heavy duty vacuum cleaner
  • deck mop
  • garden sprayer
  • disinfectant
  • hose
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • wax
  • sponges
  • ladder
  • towel

Sweep And Vacuum The Trailer Walls, Ceiling, And  Flooring

Park your rig in an area that receives plenty of sunlight and open the trailer door. If the trailer has a ramp that is attached to the doorway and folds outward, set it up in the same manner that you would if you were going to be making a delivery. Use a wide-angled broom to collect loose dirt from the trailers interior walls and ceiling.

Move the broom along the top of each wall and across the ceiling before moving the tool toward the bottom of interior panels. Sweep the flooring when finished. Use a heavy duty vacuum cleaner's hose to collect dust that is stuck to walls or wedged between flooring pieces.

Use A Disinfectant And Water Mixture To Treat Stains

Fill a garden sprayer with equal amounts of disinfectant and water. Use disinfectant that has a pleasant odor and that is designed to break down oily substances. After mixing the disinfectant and water, spray the trailer's interior walls, ceiling, and flooring with the cleaning mixture. Use a deck mop, long-handled scrub brush or sponge to remove staining from surfaces.

Move any the cleaning tools firmly against dirty substances that are stuck on parts of the trailer's interior. Rinse the interior trailer out with water. Leave the trailer door open for several hours while the interior compartment dries.

Clean The Trailer's Exterior And Wax The Metal

Inspect the inside of the trailer to determine if surfaces have dried before folding the ramp and tucking it back inside the trailer. Close the trailer door. Use a water hose to spray the outside of the trailer. Clean stains with the disinfectant and water mixture and use the hand tools that were used to clean the trailer's interior.

After rinsing off the trailer and waiting plenty of time for it to dry, use a clean sponge to apply wax to the metal exterior. Apply a thin coating of wax by moving the sponge with a swirling hand motion as the wax-covered side of the sponge is pressed against metal. Use a towel to wipe off wax when you are finished. Stand on a ladder when administering wax to portions of the trailer that you cannot reach while standing on the ground.

Contact a company, like A 24-7 Repair Services, for more help.