Clean A Carpet And Wood Flooring That Were Saturated During A Flood

If flooding saturated the carpet that covers part of the wood floor on your enclosed front porch and the floor covering is beginning to emit a foul odor, take measures to dry and clean the carpeting and the wood that is undereath it by completing the restoration steps below.

Items That You Will Need

  • waterproof gloves
  • tarps
  • wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • portable heater
  • carpet cleaner
  • hand scrub brush
  • odor-neutralizing granules
  • thick towels
  • mop
  • wood cleaning agent
  • bucket
  • water
  • sponge
  • deck brush

Dry And Clean The Carpet

Cover your hands with a pair of waterproof gloves. Lay a tarp across a section of your property that is flat. Drag the wet carpeting across the enclosed front porch, through the doorway, and pull the carpet onto the tarp. Move a wet/dry vacuum cleaner's hose slowly back and forth over the carpet's surface to remove excess water. After sucking up as much water as you can, allow the carpet to air dry, or plug in an electric heater and place the heater a few feet away from the carpet.

After carpet fibers have dried, apply a carpet cleaning agent to the carpet fibers and move a scrub brush over the carpet's surface to eliminate stains. Sprinkle an even layer of odor-neutralizing granules across the carpet. Wait a few minutes for the granules to permeate the carpet fibers. Then, vacuum up the granules. Turn the carpet over, and clean the back by completing the same steps that were used to clean the front side of the floor covering. 

Dry And Clean The Wood Flooring

Use thick, absorbent towels or a mop to sop up water that is on the porch's wood flooring. If the wood feels damp after eliminating water, open the porch's door to allow fresh air in, which will promote drying. A portable heater can also be used to hasten the drying process.

Use a sponge or deck brush to apply a wood-cleaning agent to the flooring. If you are using an agent that needs to be diluted prior to being applied, pour the agent into a bucket before adding water to it. Mix the ingredients thoroughly before applying the mixture to dirty portions of the floor. After satisfactorily cleaning the wood, use a clean towel to dry the floor's surface. Ask a friend or individual in your family to help you carry the carpet across the yard and through the porch's door so that the carpeting does not get dirty from being dragged.\

If you need professional assistance with cleaning up after a flood, contact a company like Arkansas Restoration Services Inc.