Understanding Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement For Flood Prevention

There may be various elements beyond your control that could cause your home to flood. This includes having the plumbing pipes burst or extreme weather conditions such as excess rain and melting snow. If this occurs, your basement may sustain most of the damage. The excess water could cause major damage to the structure and the overall foundation of your home. Therefore, anytime you have extreme flooding in your home, it should be checked over immediately. The information listed below provides some tips on why it's beneficial to  waterproof your basement for flood prevention purposes. 

Mold And Mildew

Moisture from excess water buildup can greatly impact the air quality of your basement after a flood. In addition, the added moisture may also create mold and mildew, which can have a negative impact on your health. This is because the mold can lead to toxin buildup in the home, and cause sinus issues, which can prevent you from breathing normally.

There are certain mold elements that are considered benign and will not affect your ability to breathe. Determining whether particular strand of mold has harmful toxins may be difficult, therefore it's best to protect your home from all types and any type of water buildup should be removed immediately. When you have your home waterproofed against floods, it will also protect you from excess moisture, eliminating the need to worry about mold and mildew.   

Minimizing Flood Damage

Waterproofing the basement will protect your household items as well as the home itself from possible flood-related damage. This is because, when you have your home waterproof protected, you will have enough drainage systems in place to protect it and your materials from severe flood damage. Methods used to waterproof basements not only include subsurface drainage systems, but the surface of your basement walls will have a waterproof system in place.

The wall waterproof system typically has a surface drainage unit, which includes a landscape slope element around the exterior of your house. These slopes are put in place so that it pushes the excess water away from your home. In addition, the subsurface drainage system is designed to remove excess water below ground toward the sublevel drainage unit to further protect your home from water damage. With these systems in place you can minimize or even completely eliminate any possible flood damage to your basement.

If you are unsure about the type of waterproofing needed in your basement, consider consulting with a contractor.