Three Risks Of Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

You can usually identify a leaking hydraulic cylinder because dirt will get stuck in the oil that leaks out and create a dark, sticky mess. If you have a slow leak, your hydraulic system will continue to work as long as you continue to top off your system. Besides the cost of buying new hydraulic fluid to replace what you lose, a leak in your system poses a threat of contamination, which would require you to flush your entire system. Thus, coping with a leak is not really an option, but before you attempt your own repair, there are a few risks you need to consider. 

Fluid that Cuts Like a Knife

When under pressure,  the fluid in a hydraulic system can be under thousands of pounds of pressure. If you break a seal on a system that is under pressure, the fluid can shoot out with enough force to cut through skin and bone. Moreover, if fluid does get under you skin, it poses a risk of poisoning. Thus, you should never try to make repairs on a system that is under pressure.

The Piston Bullet

A hydraulic cylinder will have a piston which it uses to lift a load. If you break the seal on a cylinder improperly, the piston can shoot out of the system and damage surrounding equipment, nearby people, and/or itself. If a shooting piston causes damage, you create new repairs that you have to deal with. Thus, you should release the pressure on your system before you start breaking seals. 

A Scratched Piston

Even if you properly release a piston, you still need to be careful. If you drop or mishandle the piston, you can create scratches that can allow fluid to leak around seals. If a piston gets bent, it will not fit properly into a cylinder. Thus, you need to make sure that you don't rough handle your pistons.

You might think that you can look up videos on how to repair a leaking cylinder and then make your own repairs. However, before you attempt your own repairs, you need to weigh the risks against the potential reward. If you attempt a repair and something goes wrong, you risk serious injury and/or damage to other equipment. On the other hand, if everything goes well, you save yourself the cost of paying someone else to make the repair. This is one case where the risks outweigh the gains. You may pay more to have someone else make your repairs, but you can ensure that the job is done right, and that assurance is priceless. Contact a hydraulic company, like HyVal Industries Inc, for more help.