Three Facts To Know Concerning Wind Damage

While there are many different threats that can damage your roof, wind is easily one of the more commonly encountered. Anytime that a strong storm passes through your area, there is a chance that a powerful gust of wind could damage your roof. As a result of the prevalence of this type of damage, every homeowner should have a basic understanding of this particular type of damage.

Roof Damage Is Not Always Obvious

It is important to realize that roof damage is not always obvious. This can be particularly true when it concerns wind damage as many of the problems that can arise from this type of damage will often be in the form of misaligned shingles. In addition to damage to the shingles, it can also be possible for the wind to warp the flashing that is around the wind chimneys and the edge of the roof. As a result, it is essential for a wind damage inspection to be performed by a professional. Otherwise, it could be possible to miss potentially serious damages that will need to be repaired.

Wind Damage Will Lead To Water Damage

Some homeowners may assume that mild wind damage is not a problem that will need to be repaired immediately. While it may not seem like misaligned, missing or otherwise damaged shingles will be a major problem, they are essential for protecting the roof components against water damage. When the shingles are damaged, water can seep under them, and this can be particularly problematic as the wet roofing components will take much longer to dry. To prevent the roof from rotting, issues with the shingles will have to be repaired as quickly as possible.

A Whole-Roof Replacement Is Not Always Necessary To Repair Wind Damage

Concerns about the need to replace the entire roof can be a reason for individuals to delay seeking repairs as they will want to avoid major disruptions to life in the home. Yet, a whole-roof replacement will only need to be done when there is widespread and severe damage to it. In most instances, it will be possible to simply repair the shingles that have suffered damage. Therefore, these repairs can usually be completed with minimal impact to life in the house. Furthermore, you can schedule to have your roof's wind damage repaired while you are away from the house so that you will not have to hear any of the noise that may be caused by these repairs.

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